In the creation of myth from the skills of human consciousness is dominated by artistic imagination; mythical thinking is poetic-metaphorical thinking.

Both poetry and myth are artistic embodiment. Embodiment is always bringing out, manifesting the inner, hidden, basic general, when content becomes a form, when the form exists as much and for that, as it is the manifestation of the content, when the form and the content are completely coinciding. This is an artistic image that penetrates us through the influence on feelings, emotions and produces aesthetic pleasure.

Even in myth, the cognitive aspect is full of and Overlaid by the artistic, and the formative power of poetry coincides with the creative power of myth, but there is also a fundamental difference between them. In particular: If poetry (and art in general) is indifferent to the content of poetic creations, as well as to the reality of the story conveyed to the unreal, such indifference is unimaginable for a myth. For a mythical subject, the story conveyed in the myth is the highest reality.

Myth will reflect on the nature anthropomorphically, so emotions play a crucial role in building the mythical world. In emotional terms, nature acquires dramatic qualities.

Myth is characterised by syncretism, which manifests itself as follows:

  1. a) In syncretic unity there are the forms of spiritual culture, such as religion, philosophy, art, morality, law ....

  2. b) natural and supernatural, material and ideal, objective and subjective, artificial and natural are not separated from each other and are in syncretic unity.

Mythical gods and cultural heroes are archetypes for man of the mythical age as they transformed world chaos into cosmos, they established the rules of human activity and behaviour and thus ensured the viability of man, and society. Man living and acting like archetypes, is becoming the participant of maintaining the stability of the cosmos, and thus avoids the many calamities that is posed by the chaotic world.

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