• Aleksandre Mgebrishvili Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor of Gori State University, Gori, Chavchavadze st., №53, 1400, Georgia


When speaking about the literary and cultural traditions of the Tskhinvali region, we cannot ignore the personality of Davit Kasradze. Since the beginning of the 20th century, as soon as he appeared in the artistic arena, he has made a notable contribution to the rapprochement of the Georgian and Ossetian people and the deepening of cultural values.

Davit Kasradze was fluent in English, Russian, German and French. After returning to Georgia, in 1923, he became the head of the Batumi newspaper "Mtsvervali". Having seen the European civilization, he puts social problems in the foreground. This idea was carried out in the novel "The Bawd" ("Guranda") published in 1912, "Leprosy" (1928) and so on.

For us, first of all, the novel - "Chemi Samachablo” (My Samachablo), written by the author in 1915, is noteworthy. Unfortunately, the work is unfinished, although many of the problems raised in it are very relevant today, moreover, it has become our incurable wound.

In the mentioned novel, the strong social and political changes of the new era are shown against the background of Georgian village life, a few years after the publication, "Chemi Samachablo” (My Samachablo) was widely spread throughout the entire country. It can be noted that the writer accurately predicted the unheard difficulties that became a reality for Georgia in a short period of time.

The scent of the author's era is felt in the novel. D. Kasradze is presented to us as an unparalleled master of drawing characters and problematic situations. Special attention is paid to Georgian-Ossetian relations, which, unfortunately, have not lost their importance to some extent. It seems that this problem is not new at all, and its roots can be traced back to decades. Davit Kasradze from the pages of "Chemi Samachablo” (My Samachablo) hinted at the impending dangers even at the end of the last century.

Mikheil Javakhishvili pointed to the same danger at a time. After all, he was one of the first to pave the way for the novel of the twentieth century, one of the first to bring the problem of gender to the fore and encourage the public to think.

In general, M. Javakhishvili's "Jakos Khiznebi”(Jaqo's Dispossessed) depicts the socio-political events that were characteristic of the first decades of the 20th century. The writer tries to promptly respond to the actual, urgent and problematic issues that have become the primary concern of his country.

Both Mikheil Javakhishvili's and Davit Kasradze's excellent writings rightfully attracted the attention of the readers. The birth of such high-ideal and highly artistic works is a remarkable event of our literary life. The Georgian-Ossetian relations highlighted in the writings with the artistic skill characteristic of great national figures do not lose their importance to this day.


Keywords: Tskhinvali Region, Literary and Cultural traditions, Georgian-Ossetian Relations, Literary life, Samachablo.