The poetry of Akaki Tsereteli is not limited only by one problem, he puts up more than one problem in each work, highlighting the wide range of vision of the author, related to the problems of both earthy and eternal life, demonstrating the depth of Akaki’s conceptual view.

The poem “ Regret of a sinner” has the great place in the poetry of Akaki Tsereteli, discussing the depth of God from the spiritual prospective, the truth of the virtue which will take place in the earthy life, where the sin and evil are ruling.. in order to avoid the sin, it is necessary to understand by a human what is wrong in the earthy life and go towards the truth. The poem by Akaki Tsereteli is the proof for it.

When the reader introduces with the poem  “The Regret of a sinner” first of all the biblical philosophy of the poet is noticable. Akaki Tsereteli teaches the human to remember the teaching of the God, the love towards Him defining existance of the world, the kindness and evil, overcoming of the sin, what is achieved through love to the God, through following his teaching and fulfilment of virtues. The poem “Regret of a sinner” demonstrates that the earthy life is false, treacherous, evil and full of sins… but, at the same time, he understands the sins and has the desire to return to God for asking pardon. The sin always accompanied to the earthy life, it is the only test for a human, it demonstrates the way of distinguishing kindness and evil, makes to look at own spiritual world, supporting to understand the sin, it is the most important step towards the regret, mixed with the tears and prayer. The regret prepares the way to the kindness, make sinner perfect what is possible only through divine deeds.

The grief of Akaki is hidden in every artistic word, first of all, it is divine, which is made by the human living on the earth with its modest lifestyle, as Akaki was the messenger of the God on this world to announce about the kindness. In order to fulfil this mission, the regret helps him, as it supports him in approximation to the God, to the hope, it helps people to change their lives into spiritual, their gradual rise from the earth. The way moving towards the God is a narrow path, full of grief and danger, where you need to go carefully not to miss the way towards the God.

Akaki Tsereteli by the poem “The Regret of the Sinner” connects the transient world to the eternal one, between a human and God, evil and kindness, as this linkage produces the idea of the life. Such stage of life makes the life of a human interesting in this world.


Key words:  Akaki Tsereteli, “Regret of the Sinner”,  transient world, the virtue of God, sin and life.

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