• Khatuna Nishnianidze Head Old Georgian Literary Teacher of the Department of Georgian Language and Literature at Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary, Tbilisi, Sioni st., #13/40, 0105, Georgia, http://orcid.org/0009-0000-4950-6844


Davit Guramishvili's "Davitiani" is multi-genre and poly-stylistic handwritten collection. The document contains samples of various texts written by the author over a long period of time. Each of them should be evaluated from the perspective of entire collection but their individual value should be highlighted and at the same time. Our goal is to study the visual-symbolic content of the self-portrait preserved in the manuscript collection. determine what information about the author do the written texts and visual drawings regarding different themes hold in the preserved manuscript collection and how Guramishvili’s self-portrait should be understood in regards to them.

Guramishvili, like the artists and architects of the Middle Ages, expresses himself through his art. By showing the extratextual inserts in the handwritten book together with "Davitian", it visually confirms to us that the fundamental right, duty of a person is creative merit and showing appreciation to god with devout prayers. The character of "Davitiani" Davit Guramishvili expresses the spirit of the era. Being imprisoned, humiliated, having gone through suffering, but at the same time being full of hope, having a sense of humor, with belief and hope in God. He prays to the Lord to save himself, his people and the country.

The hero of Guramishvili is real person complete with his own strengths and flaws. For Guramishvili a modernistic way of ironizing is pretty typical. his face as a person, a Georgian and an author are all ironized. We think that Guramishvili by using irony while describing his own portrait as well as his personal shortcomings he seeks to connect with the reader more directly.

Even the list of Davit Guramishvili's interests, opportunities, and activities speaks of the scale and monumentality of his personality. Guramishvili is a man of action, a renaissance-type figure endowed with multifaceted professional skills and opportunities.

Davit guramishvili lived in the era of great change. His selfportrait was made in the culmination of that era. In his handwriting practice of depicting the whole common to middle ages is obeyed, accordingly the whole perspective was given, both in the text and in graphic depictions.


Keywords: Polygenre, Self-Portrait, Graphic Text and Drawing, Mother of God of Akhtirka, Man of Business.

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